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DigInSol designs websites on an international scale for companies that want to stand out, look into the future, and remove borders. DiginSol was brought to life through a combination of my experiences in International Commerce and my passion for Digital. We provide you with a highly functional website that is visually appealing, easy to navigate, with a responsive design (suitable for mobiles, smartphones and tablets).

Your project will meet the highest creative standards and technical excellence.

With Diginsol, every customer, regardless of the project size, can expect the best design and service excellence. 



Web site creation

Well-structured layout, seamless navigation, effortlessly accessible information.

Aligned with contemporary trends, and designed to instill confidence in every visitor.

Multilingual capabilities available upon request.


According to your needs : logo design, business crads, flyers, video production, photography, E-books, etc.


Craft your strategic foundation, introduce your innovation, elevate your brand’s presence, and amplify your visibility.

We propose a global market research, multilingual content creation for cultural relevance, international SEO for optimal online visibility.

Serving the Francophone regions, Russia, and the CIS countries.


Would you like a website that truly reflects your brand and identity?


Website creation together:

Research & Planning:

    • Define the purpose of your website together (e.g., informational, e-commerce, blog).
    • Identify the target audience and their preferences.
    • Research competitors and identify gaps in the market.

Domain & Hosting:

      • Choose a relevant domain name.
      • Purchase the domain and select a reliable hosting provider.

Design & Development:

        • Choose a website platform (WordPress,).
        • Design the website layout, keeping user experience (UX) in mind.
        • Develop the website, ensuring it’s mobile-responsive.
        • Add essential features like contact forms, social media links, and e-commerce capabilities if needed.

Content Creation:

          • Write high-quality, relevant content for your audience.
          • Use high-resolution images and multimedia elements.
          • Ensure content is SEO-friendly.

Testing & Launch:

            • Test the website on different devices and browsers.
            • Fix any bugs or issues.
            • Launch the website to the public.


              • Regularly update content and features.
              • Monitor website performance and make necessary optimizations.
              • Ensure security measures are in place.

International digital marketing services :

Global Market Research:

    • Analysis of potential markets based on demographics, consumer behavior, and local trends.
    • Competitive analysis in target countries.

Multilingual Content Creation:

      • Translation and localization of website content, ads, and other marketing materials.
      • Creation of culturally relevant content for different regions.

International SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

        • Optimization of websites for search engines in target countries.
        • Keyword research in multiple languages.
        • Building backlinks from international sources.

Geo-targeted Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns:

          • Creation and management of ads targeting specific countries or regions.

Social Media Marketing:

            • Management of social media profiles tailored for different regions.
            • Creation of region-specific content and ad campaigns.
            • Engagement with international audiences.

International Public Relations (PR):

              • Building relationships with media outlets in target countries.
              • Segmenting email lists based on location.
              • Sending localized email campaigns to different regions.

Reporting & Analytics:

  • Providing insights analyses

About me

I have a Degree in digital marketing, and for the last 15 years I have worked in various sectors, from start-ups to large groups in France and internationally.

Technological development is a constantly changing field. My strength is to adopt to the client’s request and propose solutions combining robustness, reliability and flexibility.

My philosophy: strong commitment to ensure a quality relationship with my clients. My ikigai: to combine rigor and a sharp artistic eye.

Alina Kinsella Diginsol Manager

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(+33) 06 51 54 15 78


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